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Let me guide you on a transformational journey that will have
you feeling and looking your absolute best.

Hi, I’m Marion and I’m so delighted you’re here.

I understand the demands of your busy lifestyle; finding time for yourself feels impossible.

The stresses and anxieties of your day are overwhelming; if only you could relax your body and slow your mind.

You can see how your lifestyle and environment affect your well-being; you don’t know how to change.

Your overactive mind negatively impacts your day; that inner turmoil is constantly with you.

And sometimes you’d just like to SWITCH OFF for a while.

I can help you….because I’ve been there.

I am in the business of well-being, which has come about from my personal need for this.

I was in a place of severe and chronic stress causing debilitating anxiety, which affected me on every level.

And now, it is my passion to help you:

  • Re-balance
  • Re-charge
  • Re-connect

People will comment on how well you look.

You’ll be able to handle day-to-day challenges with much more ease and confidence.

Our sessions will benefit those around you as they notice how centred you are.

You’ll walk through your day with an inner calm and clarity of mind.

When you look good you feel great.
And when you feel great you look amazing

You understand the benefits of taking care of yourself; You are used to exceptional standards.

You want to be listened to, not told what to do; You want your needs and desires to be met.

You want to know that your sessions are confidential; You need to feel safe and held.

And I get it.

I’m on this ‘journey of change’ with you and I intend that you have a transformative experience from start to finish.

For over a decade, I’ve dedicated myself to guiding and supporting people towards balance in mind, body, and soul.

And, as I support you with compassion and empathy you will feel safe and held.

You will start feel a shift after one session

Oh, I’ve been there alright…and now I’m here: A much calmer, more balanced, healthier and younger looking me.

Some years ago, the stresses and demands of a high-level executive career brought me to breaking point. I woke up, as I did every morning, with crippling anxiety and just thought:

There has to be more to life than this; how long can I continue to wake up feeling this way?

And so began a liberating journey of discovery – incorporating extensive world travel, meditation, yoga, personal development and spiritual exploration.

I abandoned my corporate world and started on a path which suited my life philosophy; health and well-being.

Now, bringing together everything I have learned and experienced for over a decade, I offer transformational holistic experiences that infuse Emotional Healing, NLP and Well-Being Coaching, and Meditation.

Working with me, you will discover a stronger sense of well-being, clarity and empowerment to change your life

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Would you like to learn more about how I can help you to feel and look your absolute best?

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Kate's beautician reveals buzz on bee-sting secret that made Duchess a blushing bride Shortly before her own wedding to Prince Charles, Camilla discreetly began using an organic alternative to Botox – a face mask containing bee-sting venom pioneered by beauty therapist Deborah Mitchell that claims to be a needle-free shortcut to youthful, line-free skin...."
Divine, relaxing facials that somehow manage to heal the mind, body, AND skin? Marion Stone is your lady. Massaging from shoulders to head, her treatments use firm pressure throughout to lift and tone the muscles. Acupressure and lymphatic drainage stimulate the blood and lymphatic systems, removing toxins and leaving the skin looking lustrous. Using organic products by Heaven Skincare, they are the perfect treat, whether you’re in Ibiza for a girls’ weekend or a couples’ getaway.
Urban Junkies
"Marion Stone’s luxury organic facial is excellent. It is a ‘holistic treatment for mind, body and skin’ that ends with a Bee Venom Mask (which stimulates collagen). My skin really does look younger and brighter afterwards. "
Visiting celebs and local sybarites have a new number on speed dial: esteemed facialist Marion Stone is now operating from Ibiza, and better still, she’s mobile. Marion’s facials are legendary for their striking ‘facelift’ effect: using the divinely organic Heaven brand, she triple-cleanses the skin before applying fruit acid polish, natural super- proteins and even a bee venom mask. However, it’s not just the products – Marion’s deep facial massage with lymphatic drainage is responsible for the unique instant lift. A transformational experience inside and out.