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When I got in touch with Marion, I felt lost, confused and emotionally detached from my life. I had just decided to down a business that I had worked passionately for 5 years to build and was experiencing very low moods and blocks in my creativity which I know have been holding me back for many years. I felt that I was imploding.

From our first call, I felt that Marion ‘saw me’. She understood my frantic patterns and helped me to feel instantly at ease.  Marion gave me the support I needed. She held the space for me to work through and process the things that had been keeping me stuck.

I felt lighter, more free and could feel the happiness in my heart guiding me once more. I experienced DEEP emotional healing.

I have been creative EVERY SINGLE DAY, I have had offers from people who want to buy my work and I just had a call from someone who wants me to collaborate with their business as a creative director on a project. WOW. This has all happened within 3 weeks of our session.

Another thing is that I have healed the relationship with my father. I understand him more deeply now and we feel closer than ever. I had no idea that this relationship was connected to my creativity.

I have had sessions with Marion in person and online and it was just as powerful over a video call as it was in person. I don’t know how else to describe it other than absolutely mind-blowing.

Jen, Designer & Creative UK

Marion came into my life when I was going through a mental battle within myself. I was feeling anxious regularly and getting panic attacks more and more frequently. I reached out for help, and she was there for me like a friend I’d known for years, except we were strangers.

I found her voice instantly calming over the phone and knew that she understood and wouldn’t judge. I knew that she had been in this position of panic herself and could feel the pain of it and just wanted me to feel more secure and happier. I heard her story, and I didn’t feel alone anymore.

She took me through a deep meditation and accessed so many emotions that I hadn’t allowed myself to tap into and confront for years. She made me realise things about the way I think that I had never seen for myself. It was such a profound experience for me. I could finally get closure on some past issues and, more importantly, face up to thought processes that weren’t serving me in my present life.

There are many things Marion taught me that will remain with me to use whenever things get difficult again.

To anyone suffering from deep insecurities, anxieties, burnout… I would definitely, recommend a session with Marion. Sometimes you need someone on the outside, with that much care and understanding, to show you a new kind of light.
Thank you, Marion.”

Nell, Music Artist.

From the first phone call, I felt instant relief that someone completely understood what was going on in my head. It was amazing to speak to someone with so much compassion but who also challenges you.

I had been stuck in a rut for some time, pushing past trauma/memories under the carpet only for them to come up again later in life. I was consumed by a cycle of intrusive thoughts and was struggling to get out of the pattern.

Marion’s process helped me to let go of old emotions and limiting beliefs that we keeping me stuck. It was amazing to experience and so very emotional! I felt a big shift just after the one session.I came to so many powerful realisations and learned a huge supply of tools to take with me throughout this journey and life.

I can honestly say Marion is the best therapist I’ve ever seen. She just gets it and hits the nail on the head every time.

Life-changing stuff!

Katie, DJ London

I would highly recommend Marion’s work as a Holistic Therapist.  Throughout our sessions, I felt so safe, so held, so supported and free to be me

I got my motivation and creativity back.  I gained more patience with my mum. I got my energy back and resumed my studying, and I still use all the tools Marion showed me to maintain my inner space – and it still works!!

My relationship with my boyfriend has changed a million % thanks to Marion. She taught me to be more compassionate and patient towards him and myself. And in turn, I received the same back from him; we are better than ever.

Marion showed me that there is such a profoundly peaceful place within me that I can go to if I get to that state again. I have a support system within me that is always there.

Very grateful for this woman x

Angharad, Business Owner.

I’d been suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, fear, grief, anger – a whole array of powerful negative emotions, all creating emotional and physical mayhem and draining my energy. 

To my immense relief, Marion stepped into the chaos with me and helped me find a way out…

I felt completely at ease with her from the very first phone conversation with her and throughout all our sessions. Marion has a true gift for easily creating a safe and comforting space to enable painful emotions to be released and inner healing to take place.

My journey has had such a positive impact on my life. From my very first session, I began to notice a shift in how I was feeling; my mood lifted and brightened and I felt as though a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

My thoughts became clearer and my energy levels began to rise. For the first time in years, I now get a good night’s sleep. My relationships with those close to me continue to grow stronger and more loving day by day.

I have a new understanding of the pain I was suffering and the damage it caused me, and those around me and I feel able to deal with this pain now as it occurs.

I have started a new job, given up smoking (after many years of trying) changed to a healthier diet, taken up exercise and lots of lovely new positive people have come into my life.

I feel renewed and I feel at peace. I’ve learnt to live in the moment and enjoy my life – I am eternally grateful for having Marion’s help and guidance when I needed it most..

I am amazed on a daily basis by the complete turnaround I’ve experienced in such a short space of time. My life is so much better now ”

Collette Roberts, UK

Wow, Marion!

I released such a heavy burden with you and it was at the most, perfect time in my life as I didn’t even know it was there!!

I have been able to rid myself of that baggage and move ahead in my life through your help and guidance.  And what I love the most was your compassionate, tenacity; you just kept gently, chasing that block until it all came out – and that it did!!

Never cried so much in my life. You helped me feel that as a man, it was OK to release such deep emotions.  I felt such a relief afterwards, so light.   It was truly wonderful.

Thanks my love! xx

Laurence Bilton, Ibiza

Marion Stone is amazing!

I have had many demons burrowed deep inside me since I was a child.  I thought I was strong but I clearly was struggling.

I had 3 Emotional Healing sessions with Marion and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me.

My life is unblocked and I am whole again.  And now, because of this, I have been blessed with such amazing events in my life. Why? Because she helped me feel worthy again.

I cannot recommend enough this fantastic lady and thank the universe for bringing her into my life x

Germaine McMichael, Restaurant Owner UK

Marion is an absolute superstar as a Journey Practitioner.

She has done such a profound healing journey herself that she can easily relate to a very vast range of things going on in one’s life. I felt I can fully trust her, I can fully open up to her, I felt supported and encouraged by her.

It is so evident she just really wants the client to heal whatever is there to be healed and will do everything in her power to assist in this healing in the most beautiful way. She genuinely cares and cradles the client in a warm embrace of the spirit, I felt.

Through the many Skype sessions I have had with her, I have gained self-trust, sense of purpose, I feel I realised my worth so much clearer and so many things in my life are changing due to this and the healthier choices I am now making.

Thank you Marion, love you!

Elina, Finland

“Marion Stone does the best facials in the history of the Universe.

Except they are not really facials, they are something way bigger and greater than that but they are dressed up as gorgeous organic facials. You get that and then you get a whole deeper thing too.

Recommend with a massive tick right in middle of the tick box.

Marion: you are awesome. Thank you X”

Susie Pearl, Wellness Mentor & Writer

“Just had a wonderful healing facial EVER!!!!! Marion Stone is so wonderful that all my ‘lines’ have almost disappeared. Its a miracle. it wasn’t just a facial but a whole spiritual and healing experience. I would advise all my gorgeous female friends to let her rejuvenate your heart body & soul.

I can’t believe all my horrible lines have virtually disappeared!!

She is fantastic…I couldn’t believe my face after!!!! Better than any Botox

A big thank you Marion xxxx”

Berri Shulman-Hill, Ibiza

“Marion Stone what can I say. A superb heavenly facial and Out of Mind Experience. Relaxed and well pampered. End of Season must have ladies…and beyond! Thank you xxx”

Elaine Nichols, Tarot From the Heart, Ibiza

“Thank you to the gorgeous Marion Stone for the most amazing Facial. An absolutely blissful way to spend 70 minutes and then emerge looking totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Still floating on air days afterwards…. X”

Sara White, Music Exec London

“Anyone in Ibiza who wants the most rejuvenating, relaxing facial massage i cannot recommend Marion Stone highly enough. she’s knocked years off me and left me in a state of Zen.”

Caroline Prothero, Music Exec, London

“Big ‘Thank you’ to Marion Stone for making one pregnant working mum very relaxed and giving me a lovely refreshing facial xxx recommended!”

Jayne Brami, Ibiza

“Thank you Marion for the most beautiful facial treatment. My skin feels so fantastic and looks brighter and more youthful. You made me feel so relaxed I felt like I was transported to a place I’ve never been before. Highly recommended.”

Ainsley Gowans, PR Exec and DJ, Ibiza

“I loved the treatment and felt amazing afterwards. I felt I learned something energetically and muscularly from the work.

I will be so happy to have you come do treatments with our guests in June.

Warm wishes from chilly London.”

Lisa Sanfilippo, Yoga Teacher London

“It was lovely to see you yesterday and to have had the opportunity to have such an amazing facial.

I looked youthful for days  – you need to bottle that girl!!”

Loraine Hillman, London

“Marion’s name has become synonymous with ‘luxury facials’ and I now understand why!”

Cat Milton, Ibiza

“Its much more than a facial its a proper healing treatment.”

Des Aspill, Tekne Fitness, Ibiza

“Thank you Marion Stone for the most divine facial! 75 minutes of bliss! For those of you in Ibiza this summer.”

Sarah Adams, Sassy Media, London
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Divine, relaxing facials that somehow manage to heal the mind, body, AND skin? Marion Stone is your lady. Massaging from shoulders to head, her treatments use firm pressure throughout to lift and tone the muscles. Acupressure and lymphatic drainage stimulate the blood and lymphatic systems, removing toxins and leaving the skin looking lustrous. Using organic products by Heaven Skincare, they are the perfect treat, whether you’re in Ibiza for a girls’ weekend or a couples’ getaway.
Urban Junkies
"Marion Stone’s luxury organic facial is excellent. It is a ‘holistic treatment for mind, body and skin’ that ends with a Bee Venom Mask (which stimulates collagen). My skin really does look younger and brighter afterwards. "
Visiting celebs and local sybarites have a new number on speed dial: esteemed facialist Marion Stone is now operating from Ibiza, and better still, she’s mobile. Marion’s facials are legendary for their striking ‘facelift’ effect: using the divinely organic Heaven brand, she triple-cleanses the skin before applying fruit acid polish, natural super- proteins and even a bee venom mask. However, it’s not just the products – Marion’s deep facial massage with lymphatic drainage is responsible for the unique instant lift. A transformational experience inside and out.