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Wouldn’t it be AMAZING…

To develop an inner peace so strong that you feel it, always?

To let go of your anxiety and live a calmer daily life?

To finally acknowledge and release those suppressed emotions that have weighed you down for so long?

To let go of old hurts and grudges that are still keeping you stuck?

To discover and heal the emotional connection to your physical pain?

To have a really strong, sense of self-worth & empowerment?

To break free of the unhealthy patterns that keep you from living your full potential?

To heal the fundamental cause of your suffering?

To find your true purpose in life and be able to live it, and breathe it every single day?

To have more joy; confidence; energy; better relationships; deeper sleep; clearer, calmer, thinking…?

I can help you because I understand how you’re feeling.

Allowing your stressful circumstances to overwhelm; habitual negative thinking; constantly, avoiding your emotions with distractions will take its toll on your body and can manifest into all kinds of mental, emotional and physical problems – in some cases, serious illnesses.

I understand because I’ve been at the bottom end of stress. I know how torturous the mind can be. I know how much damage constant fear and anxiety can cause to the body.

Back, in what I call ‘my previous life’ the pressure of my corporate world became too much for me; I lived in a perpetual state of stress. For years, I ignored the warning signs from my body and I distracted myself in a nightly ritual of wine and marijuana. By day I wore my ‘I am in control’ mask. But I was not in control.

 I eventually burnt out into a pit of debilitating anxiety and depression.

And, I have spent the best part of 12 years learning and seeking, digging deep and letting go of emotional and mental baggage that has kept me stuck in my life.

With this; I am a wiser, stronger, more centred and compassionate woman who knows her worth and stays true to her values. I’ve changed the way I look at life and handle its challenges far more resourcefully. In truth, I am healthier, in every single way.

And now it’s my heartfelt desire to help you; to inspire and motivate you, to guide and support you towards your goal of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

I am a practitioner of Brandon Bays’ The Journey Work, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) & Spiritual Healing.  In addition to this, I have many years meditation practice and my own journey of profound healing wisdom to share.


Let me help you get your power back.

Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing is a powerful combination of the guided introspection work of ‘The Journey’, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness Meditation and Talking Therapy.

Via Skype or in person I create a safe, nurturing and compassionate space in which to guide and support you to go within and discover the root cause of your emotional or physical pain, helping to heal it at its core.

Each session can last up to three hours and together, we work on releasing past traumas, healing deep emotions and resolving current issues. I support you in developing an inner strength to be able to handle your challenges with a greater sense of calm and clarity, enabling you to create positive life changes.

I give you valuable tools to practice at home and with meditation and talking therapy, you have my full support during the whole process of change, at the end of which you will feel a profound sense of well-being.


We all have within us a deep inner wisdom, an innate ability to heal our-selves from any illness.


Our cells store emotional memory and if that memory is a traumatic experience that hasn’t been resolved, it is locked within and over time can cause a degenerative effect on the cells, which can lead to illness.

This work supports the opening of our cell receptors to release the trauma memory locked inside.

‘The Journey Work’ is a profound healing process – on a cellular level. It connects you to your innate healing wisdom in 2 ways: through actually feeling and releasing the layers of your painful emotions and, accessing the part of your body in which those deepest emotions and trauma memory may be locked.

Once in the core of your inner wisdom and with powerful NLP techniques, these old memories can be resolved, attachments can be released and cells cleansed.  New, healthy & supportive beliefs, vows & systems are installed giving you an empowering sense of peace, lightness and freedom.

Forgiveness is a fundamental part of this process.  Forgiveness will set you free.

I feel honoured to have supported my clients through some incredible life-changing experiences and together we will:

  • Restore and maintain your inner peace, grounding you to feel calm and centred, no matter is going on around you.
  • Explore what is at the root of your emotional/physical pain, encouraging your body’s own inner healing resources towards optimum, holistic health.
  • Power your self-worth and confidence, enabling you to stay true to your values and create healthy boundaries.
  • Remove the blocks that keep you stuck, giving you space and freedom to allow new, exciting opportunities into your life.
  • Release your deepest, suppressed emotions, like a huge weight has been lifted, making you feel light and free with a renewed enthusiasm.
  • Practice how to release emotions in a healthy way to benefit you and those around you.
  • Connect you to your innate healing core; the deepest truth of who you are.  In this space anything is possible.

Emotional Healing can be booked as a single session, a block of 3 or a 6-month programme.


Are you ready to set yourself free?

Would you like to know more about how I can support you through your healing journey?

I’d love to chat with you
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