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Do you realise just how much your thoughts create your reality?  How you think, directly affects how you feel.  And how you feel, directly affects your behaviour. What you focus on the most, you attract more of.

Just think about that for a second

After many years of severe anxiety followed by depression, I realised it was my thoughts that were causing my illness. My constant negativity, doubt, and fear about my life all contributed to my daily panic attacks of “I can’t do this. I hate my job. I’m going to fail.”  It wasn’t until I realised the connection between my mind and my emotions that it all started to turn around.

Fast forward 12 years…. And after a helluva lot of life experience and a shed load of therapies and learning, I am finally at a stage where I can truly inspire, motivate and support you towards your goal of having more emotional balance / healing / peace whatever you need, in your life.

So let me ask you;   Where are you in your life right now?…..Are you suffering emotionally or physically?….. Are you in a situation that you aren’t happy with and can’t seem to find a way out?….. Is there someone in your life with whom you’re having difficulty and you just can’t seem to find a peaceful resolution?….. Are you suffering from stress or anxiety? ….. Has there been a really stressful experience that you can’t seem to let go and find peace with?

If any of this resonates with you then please read on:


studies the structure of language. It is a practical set of skills that can be used to reframe thoughts and beliefs to achieve dramatic improvements in our lives and those around us.

Many of us are completely unaware of how we think and speak, and then we wonder why we can never seem to get out of the ‘hole’ we have created for ourselves.

NLP has allowed me to look at the intricacies of my thought patterns. Not only has it enabled me to change my thoughts from negative, un-resourceful, and self-sabotaging to positive, creative, resourceful and supportive, it has changed my life.

It has greatly, improved my general mood, reduced my anxiety and in turn, has made my relationships better.

For example, instead of saying things  like “I can’t do this / This isn’t going to work / I’m going to fail”  I say  “OK, I’ll try it out / What if it did work? / What would happen if I succeeded?”  Just this simple reframing changes everything.

There was a guy at work with whom I just did not get on.  Instead of letting him press my buttons and antagonising him back, I used my new resourceful way of thinking.  I listened to the way he said things and stepped into his shoes to get an idea of the pain he must have been going through to behave like such a bully towards me.  Was he jealous?  Fearful? Yes.   It completely changed the way I handled the situation which resulted in a positive outcome.



is deep emotional healing – on a cellular level. It allows us to access and connect to the stillness within all of us, through actually feeling our emotions and releasing them . Once we are connected, our innate intelligence guides us to the root cause of our emotional or physical pain.

When we have a peak emotional experience and we don’t get a chance to fully release our emotions or the situation is not resolved in a healthy way, our cell receptors can lock the memory of that trauma inside.  And that’s where it remains until it transfers into the new cell upon regeneration.

This work supports the opening of our cell receptors to release the trauma memory locked inside. We are then able to resolve the issue and allow forgiveness – the ultimate power in the healing process.

We can often shut down our emotions by keeping busy, drinking excessive alcohol, taking drugs, over-eating, or even just pretending it’s all OK.  And over our lifetime, (or many times if that’s your belief) we become expert at suppressing our emotions or even the opposite by lashing out in an unhealthy way.

I would like to say too, that trauma is relative right? Losing a favourite teddy as a child is just as big a trauma as the divorce to an adult.

All physical ailments have an emotional root cause

So for example, I was living for years in the ‘FIGHT or FLIGHT’ of anxiety, fear, panic even.  My thinking was so rigid and fearful that it literally caused my body to become as rigid. Fear hormones (such as adrenaline and cortisol) were raging so much through my body that I wasn’t actually aware of the damage I was doing.
It’s only now, that I am in a place of calm and ease, and mentally and emotionally as strong as I have ever been, that I am actually aware of all the physical ailments my body has been holding for all these years.

And, I’m finally able to hear my body crying out for help….  It’s time to nurture her.

I do hope you find today’s video diary inspiring.

I can honestly say that through all the work I’ve been doing over the years and now with NLP and The Journey, I am finally getting to a place where my physical body is healing and catching up with my mental and emotional bodies.  And it feels GOOD..

If you would like to learn more about the work I’m doing and how I can help you HEAL YOUR EMOTIONS through NLP and The Journey, please click here

Would you like to learn more about how to feel and look your absolute best?

Let me be your inspiration

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    Do you need EMOTIONAL HEALING..? | Marion Stone

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    Do you need EMOTIONAL HEALING..? | Marion Stone

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